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Aztalan to Bid Road projects

The Town of Aztalan Board attended to five new business items at their Sept. meeting, tabling the first two, making arrangements for the second and unanimously approving the final two. The remainder of the meeting was used to pay bills, to address ongoing town business and to hear questions Methenolone Enanthate Effects and concerns from town residents.

A request to amend the zoning ordinance and a preliminary review for certified survey from Deborah and Kevin Beth were both tabled until the Beths bring the requests forward again. They are looking to create a land split from their current acreage, but need to make revisions before finalizing their plans.

East Junction Road, West Junction Road and Junction Road all need patching as a result of boils formed in the road last winter. The board agreed to put the project out for bid. Supervisor Dave Kuhl will prepare the paperwork, Clerk Sandy Marks will submit the necessary work to the newspapers and the board arranged to meet for a special meeting to open the bids on Saturday, Sept.

The board approved Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) a late application for a Class B liquor application from Mound Builder''s Outpost. Though Mound Builder''s Outpost is not officially open for business, Christi Ward holds a seller''s permit for Mound Builder''s and can thus reapply for the liquor license each year.

A reallocation of funds was made to finalize the payment of the loader purchased by the town earlier in the year. The board approved a motion to transfer $60,000 Oral Turinabol 10mg to cover the cost of the loader from a Certificate of Deposit (CD) that had been previously earmarked for the EMS building. If that particular CD is not large enough to cover the full $60,000, the remaining funds will be transferred from another CD which had previously been earmarked for the fire department truck fund.

Town Chairperson Gene Olson updated the board and residents on the situation with the Highway 26 bypass project and the contended railroad crossing. Olson explained that the Primobolan Recommended Dosage entire bypass project will cost an estimated $400,000,000. The proposed railroad bridge, which "Oxandrolone Powder India" may be built instead of a railroad crossing at road level, would cost approximately $4,500,000, or just over 1 percent of the total cost of the bypass project. A final decision on whether or not the bridge will Comprar Levitra be built will be announced sometime in the upcoming weeks.

Olson also announced that there are still some town residences that need some clean up. Anyone who lives on a town road and has property that is deemed as needing clean up will be receiving a letter from the town in the next few weeks.

Kuhl brought up current issues surrounding the dumpster in front of the town shop. The dumpster is there for the use of town employees for shop garbage and for garbage retrieved from town roads by town employees. Residents are not to be using the dumpster to dump garbage. If necessary, the dumpster will be locked or removed altogether.

Town resident Dennis Stilling questioned the recent placement of a culvert for a private resident by town employees. He asked, "Why are we doing work for private individuals again?" It was determined that the board had not passed a resolution against doing work for private individuals and it was also determined that the culvert was placed in the right of way. Stilling and town resident Larry Christianson both dispute the practice of the town doing work for private individuals and maintain that it is not beneficial to the town.

Christianson raised the subject of salt for winter. Kuhl explained that the town "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" is set for salt, in fact, more has been ordered for this year from the state than last year. 200 tons were ordered, with the option of having an additional 10 percent on reserve without actually having to have it delivered unless Buy Cialis Germany it becomes necessary. The town''s employees will be mixing salt at about a 25 30 percent mix with sand next week, as early delivery of the salt was part of the pricing and contract.

Stilling commented on rumors about meetings after the board meetings. He said, "It''s just plain going to have to stop and that''s it." Olson responded by saying, "You''re absolutely right. When we adjourn the meeting, yes, we should be departing from the building."

It was officially announced that with the annexation of the Riverview Heights Subdivision into the City of Jefferson, that Town Treasurer Judy Gruennert is no longer a resident of the Town of Aztalan. She will be able to finish out her term, which ends in April, but she will not be able to run again. The town is looking for someone to replace Gruennert in her elected position and is hoping to have a name for the ballot as soon as possible.

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