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Alcan bosses launch legacy fund to help local communities

COMMUNITIES surrounding the doomed Alcan aluminium smelter in Northumberland are being invited to bid for cash aimed at helping the area recover from the damaging impact of the plant''s Masterton Nz Map closure.

Rio Tinto Alcan bosses are setting up a special fund believed to total around 1m to create a lasting legacy and support the towns and villages closest to the Lynemouth smelter.

Local groups and organisations can apply for grants towards sustainable projects which improve the quality of life and bring long term benefits to their communities.

The company which is closing the plant with the loss of 512 jobs and hundreds more in the supply chain says the fund is a way of leaving the area stronger and more self sustaining when it eventually pulls out.

The legacy fund which will be open to the first applications in the next few days will operate for the three to five years, which it is how long it is estimated de commissioning and demolition work on the smelter will take.

It is aimed at helping communities such as Lynemouth, Ellington, Newbiggin by Mesterolone Antidepressant the Sea, Linton, Cresswell and Ashington to deliver projects which promote social well being and prosperity.

The fund will see "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" applications assessed on a quarterly basis, and will operate while national and international efforts continue to secure new investment and jobs to the Lynemouth site.

Yesterday Joanne Hannay, Rio Tinto Alcan''s regional economic development assistant, "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" said the company had been at Lynemouth for more than 40 years, and wanted to leave a proud legacy.

"With the closure of the smelter we are preparing to leave the community, but we want to ensure we leave behind benefits that will "buy cheap jintropin online" last. That''s why we have set up a legacy fund and we want to invite ideas "Oxandrolone Powder India" from the community to ensure it is invested wisely in projects that will improve peoples'' lives long after we have gone. We will take our time and select only those projects that offer demonstrable Buy Cialis Norway and sustainable benefit to the community, and we will be particularly interested in initiatives that are aligned to Rio Tinto Alcan''s own values.

"The closure of the smelter is a sad time for all concerned but through our regional economic development and legacy programmes, we will play our part in securing a better long term future for the communities of south east Northumberland."

Milburn Douglas, the county councillor for Lynemouth, welcomed the legacy fund and said initial ideas for projects included the development of allotments in Ellington, a skateboard park for Lynemouth and investment to help sustain and improve Lynemouth day centre for elderly people. "I believe Rio Tinto have a duty of care to what is a deprived area. This fund is an exciting prospect and it is up to the parish councils and local organisations to get together and come up with some sustainable and long lasting projects.

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